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Experience the ultimate combination of cleansing and brightening with our Pure Shine - Deluxe Set. Brilliant white teeth every day - easily, efficiently and conveniently from home.

  • Benefit from the set offer consisting of our Pure Shine - Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush and our effective Bleaching Kit.
  • Visibly whiter teeth after just a few applications. Combined up to 80% whiter teeth in just 7 days.
  • Easily integrate teeth whitening into your daily teeth cleaning routine.

Pure Shine - Whitening Kit
1x Pure Shine - mouthpiece
1x tooth shade guide
3x whitening gel pens
1x user manual

Pure Shine - whitening sonic toothbrush
1x Pure Shine - Electric sonic toothbrush
2x LED brush attachment
1x charging station
1x charging cable
1x user manual

Pure Shine - Whitening Kit:
1. Apply the whitening gel evenly to the tooth surfaces.
2. Insert the mouthpiece and turn on the device.
3. Leave it in blue mode for 15 minutes, then switch to blue/red mode and leave for another 10 minutes.
4. Rinse mouth and mouthpiece thoroughly after treatment.

Pure Shine - LED sonic toothbrush:
1. Put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the brush.
2. Choose a cleaning mode that is suitable for your teeth.
3. Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, spreading evenly over all tooth areas.
4. Rinse the brush thoroughly after brushing.
It is recommended to use both products daily for maximum results and to maintain your brightest smile.

Ready, Set, Smile :)

1. Apply

Apply whitening gel evenly to the teeth and insert the mouthpiece.

2. Shine

Insert mouthpiece, start and use for 25 minutes. Then thoroughly clean the mouth and mouthpiece with water.

3. Maintain

Maintain the achieved brightness by using the LED sonic toothbrush regularly.

What our community says


"I have incorporated the whitening sonic toothbrush into my daily dental care and I am thrilled. I have never had such white teeth, I love it!"

Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush

"THANK YOU dear Always Smiling Team. The bleaching kit has given me back my self-confidence. I will never order my dental products anywhere else"

Bleaching Kit

"I'm very happy with how quickly you can see a difference. The toothbrush brings great results without any additional effort in the routine"

Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush

"I have very sensitive teeth and can't really tolerate bleaching. The Always-Smiling products work for me without pain and with great results :)"

Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush

The complete whitening experience.

From applying the whitening gel to the final cleaning with the LED sonic toothbrush - our deluxe set offers an all-round carefree package.

The best care for your smile.

Experience the ultimate dental care experience with our deluxe set. Your complete package for sparkling white teeth and optimal oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pure Shine - Deluxe Set contains our bleaching kit and the LED sonic toothbrush.

You should see results after just a few uses. For maximum results, we recommend regular use of all products in the set.

Yes, all our products are suitable for sensitive teeth.

Clinical tests & certificates

We are convinced of our products and have therefore not shied away from having them clinically tested and certified.