Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush

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Achieve a radiant smile in no time with the Pure Shine - Whitening LED Sonic Toothbrush. Just 2 minutes a day for spotless cleanliness and noticeably whiter teeth.

  • Thanks to the sensitive mode, it is also suitable for sensitive teeth
  • Gentle brightening and ideal cleaning
  • Up to four weeks of battery life on a single charge

1x Pure Shine - Electric Sonic Toothbrush
2x LED brush attachment
1x charging station
1x charging cable
1x user manual

1. Put a pea-sized amount of Pure Shine Power Whitening Toothpaste or your favorite toothpaste on the brush.
2. Choose one of the four cleaning modes that suits your needs.
3. Start brushing your teeth as usual. Make sure you cover all areas of your mouth.
4. Let the brush do its job while LED technology gently whitens your teeth.
5. After cleaning, rinse your brush thoroughly and let it dry.
6. Charge the toothbrush when needed.

Ready, Set, Smile :)

1. Apply

Apply toothpaste and select the appropriate cleaning mode.

2. Brush

Turn on the toothbrush and brush teeth as usual, covering all areas of the mouth.

3. Rinse

After cleaning, rinse the toothbrush and mouth thoroughly.

Was unsere Community sagt


"Ich habe die Whitening Schallzahnbürste in meine tägliche Zahnpflege aufgenommen und bin begeistert. So weisse Zähne hatte ich noch nie, Ich liebe es!"

Whitening Schallzahnbürste

"DANKE liebes Always Smiling Team. Das Bleaching Kit hat mir mein Selbstvertrauen zurück gegeben. Ich werde nirgends mehr anders meine Zahnprodukte bestellen"

Bleaching Kit

"Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit wie schnell man einen Unterschied sieht. Die Zahnbürste bringt super Ergebnisse ohne Mehraufwand in der Routine"

Whitening Schallzahnbürste

"Ich habe sehr sensible Zähne und vertrage eigentlich kein Bleaching. Die Always-Smiling Produkte funktionieren bei mir ohne Schmerz und mit super Resultaten :)"

Whitening Schallzahnbürste

Cleansing and brightening in one.

Our LED sonic toothbrush provides a deep clean while gently whitening. For healthy, white teeth in one step.

Modern and efficient.

The LED technology in our sonic toothbrush helps whiten teeth while providing a deep clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the sonic toothbrush twice a day, just like a regular toothbrush.

You can simply pull off the brush heads and attach a new attachment.

Yes, the sonic toothbrush is waterproof and can even be used while showering.

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